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Pengertian dan Fungsi Peripheral Komputer

Pengertian dan Fungsi Peripheral Komputer
Computer peripherals is an additional component that serves to support the work of the computer so that the work function of the computer to a maximum. Peripheral divided into two types based on the function of the computer peripherals, namely:

The main peripherals, namely hardware or hardware that must exist if we megoperasikan computer so peripherals can not be separated from the main computer, for example: mouse, keyboard and monitor.

Peripheral Support, namely hardware or hardware that does not have to exist at the time of the operation of the computer, so that this peripheral is an additional device to maximize computer work, for example: printer, scanner, modem, and others.

Each perpheral has perasn and their respective functions so help each other. From the above kinds of peripherals can be underlined that each peripheral mutually support each other work between the major peripheral components and component supporting peripherals. for example, to perform the print command to the printer will require a keyboard or mouse to input instructions so that the computer can perform the print command.

Hopefully this simple article can be useful ....

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